Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Painting Practice

Did this for the last life drawing class with Klaas Hart. He is an amazing painter and really great teacher I'm sad that I will not be in his class any longer I have learnt very much from him.

The first painting in the series I used a purple-ish colour for the shadow, which only makes the painting looking muddy as you can see. The second painting Klaas said to keep the skin tone shadows in all in browns but near the terminator (on the shadow's edge) to have colour highlights. The problem with the second painting is is that I put blue in the foreground on the figure for the highlights, but I already established that according to the background blue is in the background and therefore red must be the highlight in the foreground. So in the third painting that is what I started to do though I ran out of time. these paintings where 20 min or less.

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